Top Smash Hit Games like Agario

Agario has been the best multiplayer action game so far where you get your cell larger by eating up other cells. Well, who can forget that the game was first introduced in the basic cell phones where your character was in a snake form and eating up those bullets like structures make it large? You are here because probably you miss playing  Agario and now you are in search of other games like Agario so you can again eat up and for the biggest cell.

Don’t worry; I am here to fulfill your wish and present you some best Agario alternatives in which you can have full control and eat the players to grow up.

Let’s start these games like Agario and pick up the one that best suits you

1) Dogar

Dogar starts at the white background with your character and the resources to eat up. This game comes as a good one when you look forward to games like Agario and as being a fan of Agario you are going to love Dogar too. The controls are same as Agar, and your Avatar comes as a smiley wee you control using the mouse clicks and perform the tasks of eating other cells.

The game outs you the small one where you put efforts, get other cells can grow bigger and bigger every time you consume one cell. It is a browser-based game that you can perfectly play in your browser, and let’s face the challenge to manage your Avatar when it becomes huge and protect it against enemies.


Another one is the that follows the same concept, features, and graphics. The mechanics and the base are same which keeps you continue playing this game as you are an Agario fan.

The game offers you a simple playing but still addictive that you can play for hours without stopping even once.

The great things about the game are there are a lot of players, and you stand against them, protect your Avatar, eat others’ and grow big. The features are also exciting that this game offers just like Agario and players attend here around the globe.

3) in the red background is the most loved game for all the Agar.Io lovers. The game comes in a puzzle form where your Avatar is in the ground with lots of snakes, big and short. You roam around, observe things and eat them up or be eaten.

You better eat if you want to grow else as it is a multiplayer game, there are chances that you can be eaten if you don’t pay attention. The concept is, all the same, like don’t touch the boundary if you want to be alive and just focus on surviving longer. You can get this game of orbs and pay attention to not become food for others.


gameplay screenshot of worm.isThe next one on the list of games like Agario is the where Avatars are in the form of worms, and you need to hit the weak one and be strong and large. For those who are in love with playing Agario can always try this one.

The gameplay is all the same but the characters are different as they are designed in the structure of worms of different colors. Controlling are via mouse, and this means the game is really easy to play, you just need to take care of your survival. Stay away from large snakes, eat your food and grow fast. Think about consuming others only if you have gained enough size otherwise you know the game.

5) Dots Eater Battle

Dots Eater Battle offers the MMO mode in the puzzle from where your avatar is a small and cute smiley that gets a giant form as it eats up other avatars on the screen. The controls are totally mouse oriented where you move your mouse on the pad, and the cursor follows it in the game screen.

Playing it is very simple yet complicated as you need to take care of not being eaten by others and survive for longer and fight for the bigger size continuously. The smile shows off your scores with your name so you can invite your friends and enjoy showing your skills.


It is like a replica of but with the different avatar that is in snake form. Agario gives you cell to grow bigger, and in this game, you will be offered a small looking snake on that you put your efforts and make it big. The controls remain same via mouse moves which you can easily master if you have really played Agario. Both games are based on eating orbs and keep your avatar in progress, there are other features too, and by using then you can get a boost in size. Mouse clicks give you complete control like clicking left gives you speed so you can eat up more food.


Again a cell’s game that makes it being here for games like Agario. offers you a little cell, and now it’s your responsibility to bring it food. As you eat, it makes the cell bigger with time. You can also play it on your phone in different modes so you can keep yourself engaged there for long.

A little cell is your avatar there, and all you need to do is eating others and grow. You also need to save yourself from your opponents as they will always be ready to consume any weak one. The game seems easy but managing your mass, moves, speed, and food consuming process is not easy at all.

8) gameplay screenshot

Slither is the most preferred one when it comes to choosing the alternative of Agario as it offers its players the best 3D graphics that people enjoy more. Moreover, it is available for several platforms like Android, iOS other than your browser.

This versatility makes it even more loving among new users and the addicted ones. Like its name, the game provides you a snake-like creature with a smooth movement and consuming capabilities. As, there are millions of players, so, be ready for a perfect play and score highest by consuming more and more orbs.

9) Osmos

Osmos provides the best graphics and some scientific looking environment where you aim to absorb other spots. The objective is same growing bigger by consuming others. This game has the same concept but a little different when it comes to real play.

You move by ejecting or spraying some liquid. As you eject, the surrounding spots become weak or less active and you capture them one by one. It is not as easy as it seems because there are chances of your absorption by other giant spots near you.

One thing that you need to remind is you shrink when you eject that liquid. But, ejection is what you need for making move, so you better absorb quickly to survive.

 10) is the game of triangles or the shapes that look like a kite. While moving and consuming you also can throw out your bullets. This activity makes your opponents week and finish them if you do it right.

Here the avatar takes triangle form, and you consume the colorful dots on the screen. Consuming enhance your shape that helps to fight against your enemies. Go ahead and make them weak and enhance your size by adding more triangles at your back in a tail form.

The graphics here are also attractive. The game is very capable of drawing players’ attention that looks for games like Agario.


Here your avatar is a tank that is attached to the bullet system. You draw out bullets at your opponents to finish them up while eating up resources around you. As you make progress, the bullet throwing system gets double. By the time, it turns into three, four and then on all sides. So all in all, it is fun to play this game just like any other described here. You just need to control your tank, and all other things remain same.


It is a lot of fun playing this game, and it is an alternative to Agar. In the game, you establish your empire and destroy other players. The game is about creating your blocks as big as you can and destroy others’ so they won’t get you. Presence of mind is the thing you need in the game to set the victory. It is a fast-paced game so you need to be wise with moving around. If there is one wrong turn, then you die


These games like Agario are a lot of fun; you can enjoy them all for hours. You can decide yourself like which graphics are your favorite or which characters do you like. So make one of these your next addiction just like Agario.

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