16 Amazing Games Like Sims Ready To Be Played

The Sims was a revolution in the life simulation games category where a player enters the game in a form called Sims and controls his life by fulfilling his desires. It is a great game about virtual life where you settle your life virtually with your choice of Avatar, and the great graphics make it even more compelling.

Sims was loved by a great number of players worldwide because of the impeccable Artificial Intelligence and control it offers. I am here with some games like Sims so if you wish to experience another world just like Sims; then you can choose among one of these. All these games like Sims offer smooth controls and intelligence just like Sims so players can enjoy their virtual life to the fullest.

Some Wonderful Games like Sims-

#1 My Sunny Resort

The game offers you creating your very own resort so you can feel that sunny shade, mountains, beach, sand, and much more sandy adventure. You can access it in your browser; the game features new adventure that is worth exploring on the sunny beach.

The objective here is to accrete that beach into a resort to make it a tourist destination by providing all the necessities that a tourist loves to have. You also need to provide an excellent staff that can manage the customers well and this way; you continue your journey of building the ultimate resort.

There are several tasks on your way that you need to achieve to progress in the game. Each completing gets you exciting rewards, so you need to design a 5-star experience for the customers by blending all the innovative features and having an excellent management.

#2 The Movies

If you are looking for games like Sims, then this game is totally fun that can be the best alternative for Sims. The main focus is building your movie studio and establishing you as a business tycoon.

You need to be appealing in all aspects of being the in charge of your studio. After creating up the studio, there should be good actors to create films and this way your entire life revolves around the studio that is the base of your life.

Fans of Sims will absolutely love this game as it also offers choices to its players such as you can choose the area on which you need to develop things.

#3 Life Quest 2

In the game, you are in the town named Metropoville where you are supposed to start a new life and take up the 12 step program to start your new life. The game shows you as a person who is fed up of his old life that is full of mess, and now he wants to start a new beginning in the town Metropoville which is a town of opportunities.

Here you take decisions to make yourself a better person so the game is full of strategies where your one wrong decision can lead you to troubles and sorrows. But the game is full of adventure as all the actions here such as career options, romance, living, are all the same as real life.

#4 Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

Try this one if you are in search of games like Sims plus you want some romance or flirty things to reduce the monotony. The game features pretty good visuals, and the storyline is about forming your roommate who later takes up as your partner and you two become a couple.

Your motive is to build singles and then create meetings between them; you need to decide whether they can be a good couple or not. So you can build singles here and mix up their romance levels as you can control their lives. You can create endless matches here with several of options, so the game has a good value for exploring and keeping their users engaged.

#5 Chit Chat City

The virtual world gives plenty of options and customization of characters. You can build up your own hose in your choice of neighborhood and live the lifestyle you want so from building your own avatar to adopting a pet; everything is up to you.

All the controls are totally in your hand, so you can create the items you require in your virtual world. The customization is the main advantage of this game that it offers to a great level so you can experience things like the real world. You can create people, their dresses, toys, pets, housing items, stores to sell things and much more.

#6 City Girl Life

At number six is the City Girl Life which totally deserves being among the games like Sims. The game provides you a virtual world where you can increase your social status in your favorite Avatar while played in the browser.

The game provides the similar concept to other games in this category that mainly focuses on fashion and being social where you head to enjoy city life and leave your small town. It brings fun because you are not alone to fulfill the will of chasing your dreams in big cities, but there are your friends from schooling who also want to be a part of this race. To build up your dream life, you need to put efforts just like you do in real life, so it is an exciting platform to be on.

#7 SmallWorlds

For those who love to create a social world virtually can move to SmallWorlds as an alternative for Sims. For teens, the game is perfect as there is a lot to explore for them. The game is available in Beta version and also as a browser-based game.

The game brings a set of several environments, and the avatars here are just right to be picked by children. The missions are limitless as you take part in them; achieve your missions, you become more social with others around. Playing is also very easy, and the customizable avatars always excite the players. You can pursue several tasks here and earn a skillset accordingly like an artist, explorer, crafter, farmer, etc.

#8 A World of Keflings

The game offers a theme like a castle that is the world of Keflings. The game can also be enjoyed on Xbox 360 other than Wii U and Windows. You aim to create a huge castle and helping out people that are known as Keflings.

The game offers a magnificent environment so you can enjoy the exporting more and be dedicated to achieving your goals. You can choose from three kingdoms and play accordingly as each kingdom has different requirements for you to be completed. The game is totally worthy of helping out the small creatures called Keflings seems a lot of fun. So let’s collect resources and help out the clueless Keflings and get your goals.

#9 Escape-from-paradise

Looking for games like Sims, Escape-from-paradise is the one that can hold your interest for long. The game starts on an unknown island where your cruise ends up somewhere in the middle of Pacific Ocean. The aim is to escape safely by making up strategies, following adventures and achieving given goals.

You are on the island with other passengers after your ship left you there. To survive, you need to perform certain tasks like building up structures, finding your radio for help and looking other ways to rescue you and the entire mob.

#10 The Virtual Villagers

The story begins in a village with a river like the source of water; the game can be played on your PC, MAC, iOS, and Android as well. The game here leave you with other villagers or the tribe, and you are responsible for taking care of them.

You all need to survive there and fight against all odds. In the game, you help your tribe to deal with issues like housing, food and other terrible things like sickness. Exploring the village is only option to find things and know more about the place so you and your tribe can live for longer. Slowly you solve puzzles and grow things up; this also allows building skill sets so you can solve more mysteries coming up.

#11 Second Life

Second Life is the next one that covers here the list of games like Sims. Due to the graphics and features, it seems the best simulation game. The game follows the concept, but there is a lot innovative and with modern looks.

You can find it very much realistic as there are intelligently designed 3D graphics. The game also enables you the multiplayer roleplaying mode. Second Life means the life you have here virtually other the real life; it has a lot of Avatars like the Vampire, Animal, Robot or human. The game world sets you free to hang out, feel fun, take other players to chat and other enjoyable activities.

#12 Movie Star Planet

For those who dream to live a lavish life and attention just like a celebrity, then Movie Star Planet is the best option. It offers you a place and status just like you are a celebrity and everyone is following you and your choices.

It is a life simulation game but giving you a star status makes it more fun to play. So just like the Sims, you can pick up being a movie star as your avatar and experience exciting things with a huge fan count. Here you belong to the limelight and do all the activities just like a star like rehearsing for your acts, traveling, hanging out with people of the same level, meeting new ones and make friends.

#13 iAMFAM: Little Dream Home

Little Dream Home is really cool to experience life simulation and dating environment in the virtual world. It offers you fantastic virtual life experiences so you can set all your desires to come true in the beautiful environment. Like other games, it also requires you to fulfill objectives such as building a home, dating your partner, manage your family, etc.

Though you are free for customization and choose characters at your own will. Just like in real world, you can make decisions for your family members. Make choice for family, decorate your home, adopt pets, earn money and do other exciting things.

#14 Meez

Meez enables you to be social and enjoy gatherings, celebrate every other day and pick parties whenever you feel like. So, Meez is totally perfect for being with all these games like Sims. It offers you a quality Life-simulation experience.

In your virtual world you can hang out whenever you want, you can always meet new people. Be talkative, change your avatar, build up your living place and have a lot of fun. You just need to complete challenges and discover amazing things in different locations like Dockyard, Burbia, Poss Heights and others.

#15 OurWorld

IOur World is going to be a fully fantastic virtual world. If you loved Sims, you would love it too. The game is perfect for teens as it offers the avatars and lifestyle which suit on teens.

Being an MMORPG game, it’s perfect for having a high social life with lots of customization options. Also, you can explore the virtual world, collect currency and purchase your needs to complete your virtual world. Attend parties and other rocking events, be in contests, win rewards and always feel like having fun.

#16 SuperSecret

The last one but equally entertaining is the SuperSecret that allows you a Life-Simulation and MMORPG gaming on your browser. Again the game aims Teens that want to build up their social networking virtually while enjoying life simulation. There are several rewards to collect as you step forward in the game. You find lots of new people, you meet them and make friends while attending several parties and social gatherings.


These games like Sims offer you the same levels of entertain that you can play them for hours.  You choose your lifestyle according to toy our character, achieve goals and set up your surroundings as you want. So, all the Sims’ lovers keep enjoying these games.

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