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The Agario 3d is the one that brought revolution to the world of io games and inspired several other developers to create games like Agario. The game as we all know is a huge success that has made millions of fans on the planet and still counting. The game is based on the word Agar that means a thing that looks like jelly. From here, the story begins, and you are in the game as small bacteria whose task is to swallow others and become a big one.

This well-known game came into the mind of Matheus Valadares, a Brazilian developer, who created this game at the age of nineteen. The game was not launched by Agario; the name was later adopted by the developer from an anonymous user. In a few days, the game was launched for the mobile devices, and in a concise time, it got a lot more popularity.

The game is a simple one, but the love of playing this game cannot be counted. AGAR.IO offers you a simple task, and that is to absorb or swallow others and make your size bigger.

Since the Aagario released its play version on the web, millions of users tried the game and felt it addictive. In the beginning, it was really weird to all the players, but with time, they all found it a very attractive concept. Eventually, they started enjoying the process of absorbing others and grow big.


The game gives you the ability to simply move around while absorbing the food in the form of colorful circles. Also, as you gain some size, you can absorb other cells smaller than you and again get bigger. These cells are other players from other locations that you can see on your screen because it’s a multiplayer game. Multiplayer game allows several users to be on the same screen and continue the same gameplay together.

Before starting your gamer, you can choose your username and your favorite skin that will appear on your circle and viewable by others. Now, you just need to move around that food and absorb it. When you realize that you are big enough to absorb other players, then move around and try to swallow them.

Swallowing other players instantly makes your size big, but beware as there are several bigger circles too who are waiting for your one mistake and you will be in their belly. If you feel danger in the middle of the screen, then you can always head to the corners that are the safest place in this genre.

Players only go there for protection purposes as they are small in size and bigger ones always roam in the middle or surroundings. You can also stop moving your mouse and hide behind those colorful dots. There are some strange objects too such as viruses from that you should be alert and don’t try going near them.

Just focus on being large by consuming other small platters. Make your strategy so small ones can’t make an escape and just destroy them all. Also, take a strategy to keep saved from the bigger ones. Otherwise, you are a small circle again.

As you get bigger in Agario pro, your speed gets reduced, and there are more chances that more prominent players can absorb you. So, in their case, you can split your cell into parts and regain your speed. Spitting divides you into several small circles so you can escape the danger easily.

Now, if you are thinking that what the winning point is, then there is no limit to growing big and so there is no end of this game. The game keeps you continue as long as you eat others and get the size. The moment you are swallowed by another player, the game brings you from the beginning, and this continues until you wish to leave.

Choosing Agario Skins

When you finish learning how to eat other and not being eaten, it’s time that you stay in the game for more time. Staying more gives you scores, coins with experiences. You can spend these coins to make in-game purchases and make you gain more attractive and exciting.

Agario offers several skins that can be purchased using these coins or you can also make a real money purchase. Skin just adds up a cool look on your cell, so others notice your unusual look. Skins always excite players and show others that you have crossed several levels successfully and that brought your skin.

So, go with the skin that fits you perfectly like cool, funny or scary. Skins help sometimes and prevent you from being attacked. For example, if you choose a skin that is scary, then other players know that you are not new in the game and they better stay away. Hacks

 As Agario is the most famous one, it offers several hacks so you can improve your cell for fighting better. In Agario biz, it’s all about eating those pellets, other smaller players, keeping you from bigger cells and staying for longer. The game is difficult when you are small, but you are still insecure even when you are large. Because, when you become bigger, your speed reduces your moving mechanic and you face a hard time preventing yourself from other bigger cells.

So if you want to eat up all of them without starting from the beginning, the rare serial Agario mods or hack that can help you a lot. Using Agario hack, you can add many benefits to your cell such as Zoom hack, Invisible hack, Speed Hack. Let’s talk about these hacks in detail-

1) Zoom Hack

When you get these Agario mods or hacks, you can get zooming hack. This Zoom hack allows you to see the map in a different way that others can’t see it. With zoom hack, you can easily zoom in and zoom out the map or your screen and see exactly how many players are there both bigger and smaller than you and how big the area is.

2) Invisible Hack for Invisibility

Do you want to consume others but without making it recognized by others? Yes, it’s possible with the invisible hack. The hack allows you to eat up those smaller cells by making you opaque to a great extent, so no one recognizes your cell near them. By setting up a high opacity, your cell becomes transparent just like the screen’s color, and you are invisible to others.

3) Speed Hack

Do you also dream to make a place for you on that leaderboard? Then, you can become the number one by choosing the speed hack. When you are a large cell, you have less speed, so you face chances of being consumed. Speed hack gives your cell a speed boost, so you eat others rapidly and without losing your speed.

How Good Is Agario?

  • The first good thing about the game is that it offers a multiplayer mode. So you play with unlimited users at a time on different servers from different locations. It doesn’t make you feel alone, and there is always someone playing on the same screen.
  • The concept is easily understandable and initiating the game is like a charm. It’s easy to learn by anyone, and it makes your mind active enough to make strategies for the game. So you feel your brain more active than ever.
  • The game doesn’t hold lots of megabytes as it’s very lightweight that you can access in just any web browser.
  • As the game goes on, the challenges come in, and the game feels a lot exciting. There are several rewards and coins in the way that makes this entire playing more adventurous.

What’s Terrible about Agario?

As Agario is really a fantastic game but everything has its cons, and so does Agario, let’s check here-

  • The game doesn’t offer you much; it’s just fun and way to make that clock ticking fast. Nice you lose, you start with the very beginning, and your all efforts die.
  • The game’s mechanics and controls are difficult sometimes as they don’t work every time. Split and shoot others often fail as the game often misunderstands your actions.
  • It is a browser-based game, and a bad internet connection leads you to a lagged game, so you need to have a very good connection to play it smoothly.

If You Are A Parent, What Should You Know?

First thing, the game does not include any war and blood objects. It’s just an arcade game where it’s all about making strategies swallow other cells. The game is really addictive, and that can make you sometimes suffer when your kid is not listening for dinner, lunch, etc.

The characters are all colorful, and in circles, so I don’t think there is anything bad happening inside it. Also, the game offers you a concept that needs your strategies to win. So, it would be a plus point as it gets your brain active.,


Agario play is the best gameplay in this category of games. It is all simple yet competitive where your cell lives as long as you save your back. You play until others defeat you or you defeat others and become the biggest bacteria. So, it’s really helpful when you have nothing to do and want to do some workout with your mind.

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