Brick-Force: The First Person Multiplayer Shooter Game


Brick-Force allows you to access it in the browser as being a browser-based game along with the first-person multiplayer shooter. The game allows you to go creative and experience fun playing all those blocky things. Just like the world of Minecraft, Brick-Force also triggers up the creative world that makes it freely exploring anywhere with anything.

The game allows you 3D graphics in the sandbox genre with FPS that was produced by EXE Games and Infernum. Players can design their own worlds and maps as well for the exploring purpose getting bricks one by one. Here virtual grounds are vast on that you design and destroy opponents. It also lets you experience some fast-paced shooting games. So, you better be ready to hunt down all the enemies or be hunted. The browser gaming is really enjoyable as it requires minimum specifications whether you are on PCs or Mac.

Also, you can experience building blocks and destroy things on social networks. So no matter if it’s your phone or tablet, you can always experience Brick-Force and construct those complex structures. There are several elements that player is supposed to find out like those heavy weapons and be creative in different ways.


Brick-Force allows your play in the multiplayer mode, so it totally allows you experience the gaming with other players. When you are in the Brick-Force, it’s your empire where you can create just any type of building or battlefields as you want. Later, you can use them to conclude fights and let’s see if you win or lose.

Brick-Force is a world of possibilities where adventure is limitless, and it all feels like a magical fantasy with a wild-themed world. There is your character and there are bricks that you need to use to construct them something meaningful. Here are opportunities to build up your choice of a mansion with other materials like outfits, weapons, and much more.

Millions of users have been experiencing the game since its development. Building and destroying things really excite everyone, and for the architecture genre, it can be considered as the best of this category.

As you progress and take your steps ahead, you find several masterpieces and modes that we are going to talk here soon. There are architectures and the hidden gems, so exploring is the answer to all your resources and survival. So, the game offers you a source to make your imagination your virtual reality and fulfill your construction tastes. You are not alone there; you can always try exploring with your friends and shoot out enemies.

Game Modes:

1) Build Mode

The first mode that the game offers is the build mode that mainly focuses on building things up. The player takes the blocks and makes the arrangement in such a way that it forms a particular structure. It all depends on the imagination, so there are always endless ways. You can show your designing skills here in the game. Also, players can design his maps while choosing several brick styles to target your enemy. After creating your maps, you can share them among other packets and let them rate your maps and strategy to fight against your opponents.

There is also an in-game currency that you get for designing the maps. You get the currency according to your ratings, and you can use this money afterward in numerous ways.

2). Play Mode

Play mode takes off its attention from building and allow players to establish battles. The mode is all about action and survival where you have to fight against your opponent and survive for longer. The mode gets you to different action games where you can fight alone or invite your friends.

Here you find out several other themes like Capture the Flag, classic Team or Deathmatch. So, competition is much stronger here than the building mode. You also get things on our way and adopt ways to defeat your enemy or the opposite team.

Your character can set them up with all kinds of weapons and armors they want. You are allowed to prepare yourself with all the required accessories before hitting others’ faces.

When it comes to shooter theme, the game is not about an innocent you, but it’s about the soldier you who is ready conquer and win. It is really exciting and pace changing mode where it’s all about battles and weapons like rifles, pistols and much more to use against those enemies. Take out your gun in this mode and fire it because you won’t find any great chance than putting all those bullets into those bodies.

Brick-Force is also not far from customization options; there are numerous options available for that won’t let you down.

Features That Brick-Force Offers

  • Creation of maps is a quick process in the game and then share it with the communities.
  • It allows being with your friends and fighting against the enemy. PvP & PvE game modes work like a charm.
  • You have hundreds of options for character customization and other related features. It can be anything like the costume, hats, faces, or the powerful weapons.
  • You are able to hold a collection that features every weapon from a knife to laser rifles.
  • The game always gives you updates, so you continue to explore new worlds and don’t feel that boredom of accessing the same content.
  • There are endless opportunities for you in this virtual world. So you can just imagine and build anything here.


Brick-Force is always loved by the user who wants opportunities in the building and shooting genre. The multiplayer mode makes it even more interesting, also the visuals and sound seem fine.  Here you can build anything if you can dream it. Fast-paced games are also available here in a 3D view that you can download or just get in your browsers. The game is available for platforms like PC, Android and iOS so your smartphones and tablets are always eligible to get Brick-Force.

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