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About This Game

Let’s experience the MMORPG with CABAL Online where you stand in the fast-paced combats that fully feature the skill-based combat. Exploring is huge on the land of Cabal online with the stunning landscapes that lie between fantasy and science fiction. The games take the new players through seven unique character classes that are ready with different play-styles. Here, time-limited dungeons s another great thing that gives you an innovative idea in the genre.

The game offers you endless battles where you are against those deadly giants with your character. The battles mode features several abilities while taking you through the epic looking landscapes. Also, the community supports you in the virtual world by creating conversations or following you in the game.

In CABAL Online, players always find new things as updates are regular for the storyline. So, the environments here always remain challenging and exciting. It’s an online game that you play in your browser, so it’s free to play and no need to download any .exe.


Here you are a powerful hero who becomes more and stronger as he defends his opponents. You will be on several missions where you face battles against various enemies. These enemies look different in every quest, but their only motive is to kill you. As being a wise here, you are not supposed to be in their trap and fight against them and kill them all.

So, it’s a game of destruction where you choose your class, and your combats are there waiting for you. As you learn your skills, you become master of these and constant play gives you a fair idea that what are the demands of the game. If you love to be a part of the massive battles, then Cabal online offers you a pretty good chance. Also, watch your back as enemies are always around you with their filthy intentions and power.

Classes That Cabal Online Offers

Here, I‘m going to show you the working of six classes that are so popular in the game.


Like the first one, Warrior comes that is a standard character to choose. As you can understand with its name, a warrior always relies on his strength and swords where the two-handed sword is his weapon.


Bladers are professionals in using dual swords and the incredible defense strategy. The character is really strong even than the warrior as it comes having a high defense system.


Again, the wizard is a magician that is well-known for its spells in Cabal Online. A wizard can make a massive attack from a distance at his opponents, but he often handles battles not so well when he is close to the attacker.

Force Blader-

If you choose to be a Force blader, you have the skills to manage that sword and casting spells on your opponents. You are quick in your actions, and this means you can do the damage easily but you are wise in defending yourself. The only down point here is that you can’t carry heavy armors. Otherwise, you are all good.

Force Shielder-

As its name implies, this character has the best defensive abilities as it comes with a shield. To access the best defensive system, you can go with the Force Shielder. But, they are not so good at doing damage; they are the only pro in saving themselves. Also, they come with defensive and offensive magic that they use against their opponents.

Force Archer-

If you wish to be a bowman, the Force Archer is your option. In this character, you come up with your bow and arrows and kill enemies using your archery skills.

Cabal Online Key Features

  • The game allows creating a character as per your voice. You can then make customizations and allocate skill points manually.
  • There are several environments to explore like those scorching desert, Jungles, and ice-cold tundra regions.
  • There are several ways to establish a battle as it’s an MMO genre gaming where you are open to challenge those creepy creatures or players against you or just daily Nation Wars.

What Is Bad About the Game?

1) Visuals Are Not So Perfect

The genre MMO always attracts every player who wishes to be in the battles and collect rewards. But, what makes them continue playing are the marvelous visuals that offer players a realistic looking environment. Cabal online lacks in the vibrant graphics, and that’s really a down point that ruins all the fun. The raining effect here looks like a comedy because it’s not perfectly designed and it seems like your character is in the rain and not others. There are plenty of landscapes and colorful venues, but still, the game doesn’t impress very much.

2) It Lacks In Sound Quality Too

Sound quality or the speeches and the background music are equally important as the graphics. But, it seems like Cabal online hasn’t achieved that required level of an amazing sound quality. Sometimes, it’s just not working at all, and there is no speech or music in the game. The default system keeps the music off that you can turn on by unchecking the box. So, it would be even more fun if the sound system was a little more improved in the game.

3) And The Huge Amount Of Players In The Virtual World

It seems like on every single serve, thee are endless people playing the game. So, in the virtual world, you can always see other player going here and there. I know that it is a good thing to see people around you, but sometimes it feels like you are playing with a mob. So you can count on players in Cabal Online even if you want to, so it makes the game a bit messy.


Cabal Online is a browser game, so it comes easy to play and also the concept is the same as other MMOs. The game offers you some fantastic things like seven classes, but at the same time, the graphics are not rich enough. But, it seems a good deal if you can tolerate its downsides.

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