Eat Other Players With You Gaming Strategies


Well, is one of the games like the where you as a post try to feed other spots and grow big. The more you eat, the bigger you grow, and the smaller ones automatically stay away from you.  But, as being wise, it’s better to chase them eat them up. Also, take care of your back and look around if there is any bigger spot chasing you. So the game is very much exciting, and it’s a browser-based game which makes it so easy to play. It doesn’t have any hassle of downloading or installing. You just need to visit the official site or other and start playing.

There are several servers that you can choose for playing. The servers vary according to different regions, and you can choose as per your choice. In every server, you find different players roaming around with their spots on the screen.

If you wish to be there for a long time or taking the highest score, you need to be experienced first. Victory doesn’t come in just day; it can take you weeks to play confidently so you can grow the biggest and earn the highest score. The game  shows you like a little ball where you eat up all other little balls and grow big. Also, there are new players, and you can eat them too if they are small in size.

How The Game Goes Further?

As you get goo with our aim, you take the game further. The smaller ones are scared of you, and the bigger ones are behind you and try to get you. You just need to focus on n your size and make your spot bigger as much as you can. There is no fixed size for the cell so it can be expanded to limitless.

Those colored dots are your lifeline to make your size expand. You can always view the map that where the dots are stored and just concentrate in that area. Additionally, consume smaller players and continue the game. You may also feel putting some extra efforts as catching other players is not a wink. You need to chase them and meanwhile keep yourself from bigger ones.

Tips for Playing

  • It will be beneficial for you if you stay close to the green dots and consume them up other than going to something else. It only applies when you are new there or very small in size because other spots may harm you as you are weak in the beginning.
  • Being around the green dots, you can easily fool your enemy. Because when you are small and not moving anywhere, you look like one of those green dots. Moreover, always try to be in the corners as dots that stay in the center are more likely to be eaten.
  • offers you some other options that you can visit and activate or deactivate as you want. There are two categories: performance options a Misc option. In the performance file, you can activate things like ‘Hide Food’ ‘Show Border’ ‘Show Grid’ set your skin and choose the quality of the game from ultra to very low. Misc options include activities like ‘Hide Chat‘ ’Hide Minimap’ ‘Auto Respawn’ ‘Disable Auto Zoom’ etc.
  • Many times, you lose while eating others because you don’t take care of your surroundings that how many bigger ones are keeping an eye on you. Also, as the game goes forward and you grow your site, moving around gets difficult. So, you have to manage that too by dividing your cell into many small spots and then continue your chase.
  • Avoid getting around those prickly circles and especially if you have a bigger cell. As these prickly ones can break your sport into various small pieces and then you are on the way of absorption. So do not try these actions when there are several players around. This way you get the time to collect yourself and be bigger ones again.
  • There are several serves in the game like, and you can choose your region and start playing. You can also play with your friends by choosing the server your friends are playing on and compete against each other. You can also eat others together; it would be very much fun for sure. There are up to 200 people at a time on a server, so if you want to escape the rush, you can check out a low population server.

Controls in the Gameplay

  • Your cell goes in the direction you move the mouse.
  • The speed of a cell depends on the size of your cell
  • You can always press the ‘W’ button whenever you feel like your cell is getting bigger and slower.
  • Mouse buttons also help you on the screen so you can have better control of your cell and eat up others.
  • You can also use the space button on your keyboard, and it will divide your cell. It will help you in getting speed and absorb all the food and other smaller cells.
  • The key bind feature is also useful when you feel you should have more keys that can divide your cell into many. So use kind function after opening the menu.

Conclusion is getting on the minds of those who love playing as it offers the same concept and environment. is an awesome game if you want something to absorb and grow. Also, the game gets you big in just no time, so it is fewer efforts and rapid growth. It is also another reason that payers engage here so much.

Any of you can maintain the highest score if you have enough practicing and proper control of your mouse movements. Playing with friends here is even more exciting as I said above, so don’t wait, just try out this fantastic game. All in all, this is a really exciting genre where you progress just by moving your spot around. Also, if it’s about playing for kids, then the game is extremely good for them too, no blood, no harm, all peace, and charm.

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