Team Up And Crush Other Players

Overview is considered as another alternative for games like agario. It is the cool one in the category that follows the same objective. As being the same genre, the game offers a massively multiplayer environment, so you face a really tough competition that makes it even more exciting. was launched in 1738 with this really simple concept yet tough to score higher. It is always available at, so players don’t need to download any .exe file and just start playing directly. The thing is simply that you need to control your mouse moves, but it doesn’t come that easily. You need to be careful where are going and how would you make an escape.

All the game requires is that you don’t hit any other player bigger than you. The game offers you several modes like Mass, Kill, Team, Race, 1vs1, Rush, Zomb. So, the chances are limitless and so is the excitement. In the beginning, there was only one concept ‘Mass’ were your motive was to collect mass only.

Later, the game got updates and brought all these other modes with better graphics and interface. So, this way, the overall appearance boosted up and attracted millions of users, and the playing is going on since that time.

The main thing that you need to take care of while playing is the speed. The game is somewhat speedy and especially for the new players. Also, aggression is the key to an effective strategy to win over. The graphics and the drop like characters attract the most and keep players going on. Though, the speed will feel normal when you spend some days paying Also, you get to know the effort level that you need to put to stay for longer. Just keep that thirst continue as it helps you catching others in your surroundings. So, either you feed on them, or they are ready to feed you anytime.


As I have already mentioned that the game is speedy so you have to be alert and aggressive to save yourself and consume others. Aggression is the only thing that will take you far and further. As being a new player, it’s better if you stay in corners instead of the center area where there is a lot of rush. You are not going to be a pro in just a few games, bit week of practice takes you to the success. Also, do not get frustrated if you stay only for 1-2 seconds as being new there. It happens when you choose a server that is full of players. Characters are already huge there so that it can be like entering and exit and no play at all. So, patient, choose a server that a few players and practice in that.

In your initial lessons, you will be confused and without control. Gradually, you learn to survive, first for a few seconds and then for minutes and so on. Also, if you think that you can consume a player by just following him, then you can do so.

But, take care that he doesn’t take you to any trap like those huge players. If you are used to playing games like Slither, then forget about the tail concept because it’s not the weapon here. You need to just set your trap whether by dividing your cell or just consume directly.

As you get better in the mass mode, you can prepare yourself entering the kill mode. In this mode, things are even worse, so only enter if you can survive or [practice more in the mass mode.

Defend and Play With Friends

The game is all about defending you and eating others. Keep one eye where are you heading and another on what’s behind you. Practice enough so you can decide directions before laying traps. Always check who is having an eye for you and try to escape from there. Also, continue laying traps, so they stay away from you and in the meantime grow bigger.

When you lay a trap you eject some mass, so don’t do it until you see others coming for you or you are about to consume them. The more you lay traps, the smaller you become, and if you do it frequently, you will be a tiny move in just no time.

If you wish to play it with your friends, you can go to the same server. No matter if it’s for competition or something else, you can always choose them and pay together. For instance, one of your friends is playing on the server ‘North America’ you can choose the same and enjoy the play.

For now, offers two servers- North America and Europe. There are different players reach the server and also a different amount of mob. You can always choose your choice of theme and the screen’s quality if you want fine graphics. Your theme is visible only to you that you can change anytime.

Graphics Quality

For the graphics, the game deserves seven on ten (7/10). The game also offers graphics quality from low to HD so players can set as per their choice and internet connection capability. It’s not superb like or other high-quality games, but for average players, the game is very good. The play is basically a 2D platform with colorful characters and food to eat. So, it’s average for the graphics and all other things.

Replayability in

Replayability is easy enough, but making strategy is a good thing. As being new, you will fail, but as you play more, you start capturing techniques to consume others. This way, gradually you learn not staying away from the chasers, and there you stay in the game for longer.


.Io games are in trend these days, so all games in this genre are popular enough to catch players’ attention. Agario is the greatest example of the .io games. After that, several games were developed by different developers and companies. These games offer browser-based gaming, so you go all the way in just a few clicks and without downloading.

All in all, is an average game to start in this genre. Its characters and different modes always excite players. It needs dedication and strategy with a bit aggression, so you compete and try to stay in the fast-paced environment.

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