Neverwinter: Action MMORPG Acclaimed By Dungeon And Dragons


Neverwinter sets you in the 3D environment where you can take a fight against those Dungeons and Dragons and all the odds waiting for you in this epic world. Neverwinter was officially published by Arc Games in the MMORPG genre on June 20, 2013. It enables the players to play in the multiplayer mode, so there is nothing to worry about because the community is there for you. The game features quests time to time as you are ready to do them and then you just need to aim your enemy. The more you kill, the more resources and rewards you get. If you don’t feel like attacking monsters alone, then call your friends in the world of Neverwinter. They will surely make you fee from those quests.

neverwinter gameplay screenshot


So if you are on the way to see some epic and feel those fantasy environments while facing battles one by one, then Neverwinter is the iconic one. Stories are always exciting here, so you feel the ultimate adventures and choose from 13 unique races.


Those who are the first timers in the MO genre will enjoy this game a lot. You can find several cool things with the fast-paced combat system where you need to be focused. If you are about to enter the genre of MMO, then trying it out can be really an exciting thing.

The game presents you a Dungeons & Dragons based theme, and so it is the best one to perform several combats in the virtual world. It is a big form of clans where you take control if you know the strategies to kill your enemies. Here you get lots of gears and weapons to cut off those monsters and every opponent. You just go forward targeting your enemy and make it lifetime over by attracting through that mighty sword.

There is no doubt that Neverwinter feels like an action game just like other MMO games. The role-playing is the most excellent thing here with the players.  It also allows you to invite other players as your friend, has a conversation and enjoy the adventures together.

Whether to succeed or to lose, it’s all on your mouse clicks, and presence of mind as those devils are smart enough to kill you instantly. So, use your sword, magic or just any gear but don’t allow the win over you.

Other than all this feeling, you can feel it boring sometimes as there is nothing unusual in the Neverwinter. Only the theme can be an exotic thing, but the storyline and the concept feel the same. So maybe you won’t find much diversity in content.

What to explore in Neverwinter?

Though Neverwinter offers the same concept as other MMO games, it never lacks in surprises. The world is massive here that you can go exploring on and on. You can be in the virtual world of the game for years and still don’t feel like exiting soon.

The game gets you access to your PC, and PS4 as well and it’s all good for both devices as players enjoy both equally. The content gets updated by the developers, so you don’t run out of adventures. PC updates are often easier and so they get done quicker than the consoles. So, for PS4 players, it can be a bit long to wait.

The game is always full of campaigns so you can keep your journey continue. You can choose from different classes and participate in the wars according to your objectives and abilities. There are also some extraordinary things that can surprise you instantly. In the game, you can find encounter skills that kill the enemy with the powerful attacks. Also, there are other cool things, and cooldown timer is one of them.

Neverwinter Key Features

A classic and familiar concept- Neverwinter brings you a classy environment of Dungeons and Dragons theme. The concept remains same just like their MMORPG but with an engaging storyline.

Quests are fun- Just like that MMO game Tera, Neverwinter always includes fun to the combats. Here, you need to catch skills and attacks in a better way.

Lots of Classes or Races- The opportunities here are endless just because there are lots of classes to choose from. You can go with eight classes and races that are 13+.

Have your own adventure- The system allows you to create your own adventure and enjoy experiencing them. You also get rewards for playing these adventures.

Use in-game currency- There is a two-currency system in the game- Gold and Astral Diamonds. You can collect both going through your quests or adventures and use them for purchasing.

Graphics about Neverwinter

Players can often feel the graphics of not so much quality as they are not impressive enough. For the consoles like PS4, MMO games always give their best regarding graphics, but Neverwinter feels underwhelming with the vials.

It’s not that there is lack of exploration; there are uncountable things to explore. There are landscapes, forests, mountains, beaches and even graveyards with lots of characters and gears. With the visuals, everything becomes less impressive than expected. It doesn’t dazzle so much like other MMOs.

Also, there are some slowdowns that you can experience because of the frame rate that is not too strong. But, when you are in the quests, there are very low chances of seeing any lag or slowdowns. Whenever you visit some major city hub, you face guaranteed lag that irritates most of the times.


Neverwinter scores average when it comes to the hardcore MMO games because like other, it’s not very much capable of taking your entire attention to it. It doesn’t complete you much, so if there is another MMO game as your favorite, then you are going to find it less attractive. But, if you think about trying out this MMO game, then there is fun in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The fantasy and missions can be enjoyed a lot if you don’t care to bot the visuals.

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