Starfall 2: Best learning portal for kids


The game StarFall 2 made its debut in 2002 that especially focused on kids or preschool or second grade. The game offers kids several educational activities that focus on several subjects like English language, Mathematics. So, it develops kids for good and helps kids in enhancing their skills by providing them homeschooling.

The game introduces four sections to make the kids progress: First, it’s about letter recognition, and then comes the educational games. The third part is stories, and then animations at last. There are four parts, but all of them are for learning purpose only, so if you think that kids are just wasting their time, no chance of it. Accessing the game only improves their skills and they [perform better in the class. Regularly using the game can really improve the vocabulary, pronunciation, and as you practice you become fluent. There are also math exercises, so kids that feel math boring can try this game. There is also a membership that charges you $35 for a year in which you find some additional activities.

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StarFall 2 consists all educational resources that offer your child a complete learning solution in just a game. The lessons here are full of instructions, so he doesn’t miss a step. The colorful world attracts them to learn more and go ahead with the courses. The songs and videos that are made to educate kids are very entertaining and keep kids exciting about them. There are several games that boost up kids’ concentration levels and make them more intelligent.

Users of StarFall 2

The main users of the game are kids that just started their schooling. The game acts as a childhood educator if parents bring it to their child. It offers the same components and study material as you get in class. So, for homeschooling purpose, it’s the best in the market that has several educational programs for kids development.

Parents who want to homeschool for their kid can purchase this video game and see improvements in your child. You can also go and buy StarFall 2 if you want an after-school teaching resource that teaches your kids being a game.

What’s great about StarFall.Com?

Let’s talk about some great things that the website offers-

  • The website is free to use if you want to access some basic features only. It makes the visuals fantastic for your kids that they want to learn more and more.
  • It allows practicing of words, sounds, vowels, so your kids start recognizing words and spell them out. Other things like songs, rhymes, and games also keep them engaged.
  • While reading a book, StarFall 2 repeats it for them, and the sound also feels great. The site offers you several options and settings so parents can control it according to their kids. If you go with a paid version, it offers even more.
  • One vital thing about the game is that many professionals made the game so that you won’t feel lack of education for your kids. The content here is top-notch and easy to understand the effective learning styles.
  • The site is easy to access for kids, and the navigation also comes handy. No worries if your kid is a preschooler, he can use it easily and move to sections he wants.
  • The visuals are greatly animated, and the sound feels like so well formed. The animation and the characters in the at virtual world look so adorable that attract your kids to spend time with the game.
  • There is no wrong content in the game, and there are no ads at all. So, your kid can surf it easily while viewing all age-appropriate content.

Some Extra Features

  • Smoothly running animation and sound
  • There is no loading in any part of the site
  • User-friendly interface that also allows multi-touch
  • Tons of subjects and levels to unlock
  • There is a vast content with a lot of options

Cons of StarFall 2

With all these features and attractiveness there are some things that may seem a quite depressing about the StarFall 2. The first is that the game doesn’t unlock the advanced features until you spend money on it. Only paid version unlocks the deeper things, and a basic package starts at $35.

If you want to access a more advanced level for classroom use, the plans are even higher than just 35 dollars. So as your child makes progress, the lessons don’t recognize the things that new content should be there to learn. There are four classes in total, but the difficulty levels remain the same which is actually very easy for the kids.

The content doesn’t go forwards according to your child’s learning. So, when your child gets the entire thing that the game offers, you need to look somewhere else.

As Being a Parent What Should You Know?

First of all, you need to gain knowledge about what your kid will access. The extension is the basic thing that you need to install in order to access the site’s content. StarFall 2 that was introduced by StarFall 2. The site expands several other features in the way of learning activities for young kids.

You can access the basics only, and for advanced learning, you need to make a purchase according to the plans available. But, the site offers you a free version so you can try it out before going for a premium.

Platforms That StarFall 2 Offers

StarFall 2 is now available on several platforms like Android and iOS devices other than your PCS. The game offers a wide range of paid apps regarding learning ABCs, Numbers that are all rich in content and visuals.  StarFall 2 is a great option as it is available for all the devices that people often use.


This education website is a blessing for those who want their kids to learn stuff other than just schooling hours. The content here is really great and interactive from fundamentals to advance. For every section, it’s fun to learn things here.


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